Is Ariana Grande our ‘Gay Icon?’

Billboard released an article titled "8 Reasons Ariana Grande Is the Gay Icon of Her Generation," and the news has a lot of gays riled up. The LGBT Twitterverse went insane, some championing the singer and others berating Billboard's editorial team for even crowning her with the honor. Here are some of the funniest tweets: Continue Reading →

NSFW: Top 13 hottest male porn stars

Porn is pretty great. These 13 male porn stars are some of my absolute favorites of all time. They have great assets… and asses, and some of them have amassed cult followings for their scenes. This list is comprised of both gay and straight actors because equality is important, and watching a hot guy handle... Continue Reading →


In my last blog post, I highlighted potential ways to kill a gay friendship. The post received a lot of views, and it made me realize that gay men care to read about saving their platonic relationships just as much as they do tips for their sex lives. I wanted to do a second part that focuses... Continue Reading →

5 ways to kill a gay friendship

Trust me when I say being gay will be a much lonelier experience if you go through it alone. You need gay friends, you need to understand gay politics, and you need to be in touch with who you are as a person who identifies with the LGBT community. If you want gay friendships to survive,... Continue Reading →

Homophobia vs. Heterosexism in the workplace

We all want to excel at our job functions, advance throughout our careers, have a manageable salary, and be respected in the workplace. But the latter is made more difficult when you identify with the LGBTQA community. The healthy type of anxiety that comes with starting a new job is exacerbated by your queer identity and the... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Using Gay Hookup Apps Like a Pro

I’d much rather cruise in a top-down convertible than on gay “dating” apps, but it has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve used apps like Grindr since I was seventeen, and over time I started mastering the art of virtual communication. The goal became less about getting some and more about marketing myself... Continue Reading →

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