Is Ariana Grande our ‘Gay Icon?’

Billboard released an article titled “8 Reasons Ariana Grande Is the Gay Icon of Her Generation,” and the news has a lot of gays riled up. The LGBT Twitterverse went insane, some championing the singer and others berating Billboard’s editorial team for even crowning her with the honor.

Here are some of the funniest tweets:

A lot of queer Twitter users were upset because Ariana is not, as far as we are concerned, a true member of the LGBT community; She’s not a lesbian, bisexual, transgender woman, gender fluid, or any queer identity really. But, she is an ally. Billboard listed some of these factors in choosing her as our ‘gay icon’: 

• She is supportive of her gay brother, Frankie Grande.

• Her song “Break Your Heart Right Back” alludes to a past lover who cheated on her with     another man, and the track samples Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out.”

• Her song “Break Free” is a gay anthem for the ages.

giphy (1)

I’m all for it. I’ve been a silent #Arianator since she released Yours Truly back in 2013, and she has quite a voice on her for such a petite woman. You also have to respect her for going back to the site of a bombing, that targeted her and her fans, to perform again and fearlessly stare terrorism in the eye. She’s been through quite a lot in her short music career, and she’s always continued to show the gays nothing but love.

It’s also pretty cool that she performed at New York City LGBT Pride back in 2015 when gay marriage was legalized nationwide. Perfect timing.

What are your thoughts on Ariana Grande being named our ‘gay icon?’ Who do you think deserved the title more?

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