Interview with Bruce Jackson the “International Hoe”

If you’re a gay man who’s used Tumblr to access snippets of free porn videos or amateur adult content, then you’ve more than likely come across one of Bruce Jackson’s raunchy, public sex videos. He’s amassed a huge following of fans and Connectpal subscribers who’ve turned him into a social media sensation. I scheduled an interview with Bruce to get the details on his internet fame and learn more about sex-positivity and embracing your sexual identity.

Here are the key takeaways from Bruce’s FIRST EVER interview!

When did you come out of the closet and what were your reactions from family and friends and people who are close to you?

BJ: Well, in high school, I was a class clown. I usually hung out with females. I never dated any females, so I think everyone knew I was gay.

I actually didn’t come out of the closet until after I graduated high school, and it was after the same the night that I went to a gay club and I saw Ru Paul perform. I told my mom because she picked me up from the train station at like three o’clock. And I said, “You know what week it is. I was like “Gay pride.” When I told her she was kind of taken aback, and then she was like “Have you told anyone else?” She wanted to tell other family members, and I was like “Go ahead.” 

One thing about my dad, I have a loving dad. My dad would do anything for me… he’s always said before, “You love whoever you want.” Coming out the closet is just something you gotta come to terms with yourself. My family, my friends, they don’t judge me for anything. I am so lucky and blessed for that.

How do you feel about yourself in the community? What does being gay in the community mean to you?

BJ: Well, it’s sad to say, when you mention a question like that, there’s so much more I could be doing. Like I could be donating, going to fundraisers, volunteering, spreading positivity, and I actually don’t think I be doing that. I think the main thing that I’m doing is embracing your sexuality. 

But there’s so much more I could do. But one thing I think I take pride on is being able to show people that there’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself sexually… these rappers, they be talking about fucking bitches… but because I have videos of me sucking dick online, you wanna hoe-shame me like there’s something wrong?

The thing is, one time, they took a picture of me kissing New York… I kissed her one time, we were drunk at the club.


Bruce with Tiffany “New York” Pollard

I saw that picture! That was very popular! (laughs) That was a very big picture.

BJ: That shit went viral, and I was having a tough day at work. I’m, thinking “Goddam.” And I messaged her “Hey, if you wanna leave me alone. Fine.” She was like “Why the fuck you asking me to leave you alone? If I had a problem with you, I would say that shit.” She was like “Half the people talking shit about you do the same shit you’re doing. They just hide it.”

Some people are so fucking judgmental. What does me doing with my life, and doing whatever I wanna do – what does that have to do you with you? Why are you judging me? Unless you’re my friend or someone in my life, I don’t give a fuck.

Right. I agree one-hundred percent, and I’m glad you actually mentioned that. That’s a great example.

I looked in the comments on one of my videos, like MyVidster, they take my videos and post them everywhere. Someone said in the comments, “He is so nasty and he hangs out with the trashiest fags in D.C.” I was like, damn! I told my friends “Y’all the trashiest fags in D.C., bitch.” (we both laugh).

So speaking of your sexuality and how you basically came to be Bruce Jackson on social media, when did you start filming yourself having sex?

BJ: Well, I lost my virginity when I was 18. You know what, it was actually my ex. One time he took pictures of us fucking on his Blackberry, bitch. And, I just liked it and I wanted to do more of them, and he wasn’t into that. 

I remember you mentioned you’re a Drake look-a-like, and that’s also in your Twitter bio. Can you explain to me how that’s influenced your Tumblr fame?

BJ: I get it so many times – “You look like Drake, you look like Drake.” It’s so annoying. I didn’t get meet Drake, but I was at his concert, and I was close enough to him that he shouted me out. Sometimes, the drag queens, I’ve been in performances with them…

But the thing is, I was trying to meet Drake when he came to D.C. I was looking through his followers list [on Instagram] trying to find someone to get me into him, and one guy that’s on Drake’s team had be blocked. I never seen him or talked to him before, but he had me blocked. So, believe it or not, we had this whole thing with me friends like “We think Drake has seen my videos. I think someone sent them to him, and he’s seen my videos.


BJ: Girl, who knows?

When did you decide that you wanted to share your videos on Tumblr? You wanted people to see your videos.

BJ: It was after I dated my ex for almost five years, who I was completely in love with. It didn’t work out. I know I’m a sex addict. I had a sex problem before when I was with my ex. He would constantly catch me talking to other men, sending videos, and crying like “Why are you doing this?” And I was like “Oh, I’m sorry,” but I would be emotionless. I realized “Oh my God, I have a problem.” So, I fixed it. Now I’m in control of my sexual needs and desires.

After I realized, you know, that niggas wasn’t shit and I wasn’t probably gonna find a man, I was like “you know what,” let me just post this. I was like “I’m gonna post these videos, and who knows, maybe it will connect me to someone that’s meant for me.” People know who I am, and I may meet somebody, and that person may be the one for me.

What do you look for in a partner to shoot with, or what do you look for in guys on and off camera?

BJ: Well, if I’m trying to make a video, as long as you have a dick and you’re willing to go for it, baby… I’m not gonna expose a nigga or put a nigga on blast. I let them know “You’re not gonna get no money from it.”  Ideally, I don’t wanna show their face, unless that’s what they’re really into. Because once that shit goes online, baby… your whole life is gonna change. 

This one nigga told me “People don’t wanna date me because I had sex with you.” I said “Nigga! People don’t wanna date you because of you. Don’t try to blame me…”

Dating wise… I like video games, I like watching movies, I like going out, I just want someone who could fit with my life. I don’t have any preference on race. But it’s kind of difficult dating when you’re considered a porn star. I don’t consider myself a porn star. I do porn, I’m popular for my porn, but I think there’s a lot more of me than the sexual aspect.

I was gonna say that actually, I notice that your Twitter doesn’t just focus on your amateur sex persona, it has other adjectives that you describe yourself with. So, that kind of sets you apart from the other people who do “entertainment.”

BJ: I don’t have to put ‘XXX.’ Because my brand is “itsbrucejackson.” I love positivity, acceptance, and non-judging. 

What are some of the good and bad reactions you’ve received online for your videos?

BJ: When I first started doing these videos, most of them were me fucking random people in bathrooms, and colleges… and people thought I was trashy because of it. But that’s also the thing got so many people interested that I was fucking these people. You may see it on porn, but it’s set up. This was some real shit. 

They take my shit from my Tumblr page and they post in on Xtube or wherever, Pornhub. They even post that shit on Twitter. People try to judge because they see me doing these things, they feel like they know me. They don’t know me. 

As far as sex-positivity and embracing your sexual identity, what does a healthy sexuality mean to you?

BJ: To me it’s, if you want dick, go get dick. It’s just as simple as that. If you want to save yourself for someone and respect your body and cherish it for someone, do that. Whatever you decide to do, that’s the choice you’re making. 

And what is the one thing you want your followers to know about you that they may not already know?

BJ: Aw, that’s a good question. Aye. If you’re following on any social media, you get a side of my personality that’s opposed to the sex. You’ll know that I’m a big video gamer. I love New York from ‘Flavor of Love…’

Who doesn’t?!

BJ: This is the one thing that I want my followers to know. I’m different from no one. I am not better than anyone else. We are all the same. I’m just a very simple person. If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I would say: I’m a very opinionated person with a high sex drive. 

If you ever see me out in public and you wanna approach me, just do it in a respectful manner. I’m not mean! But one thing I am is I’m very defensive. You can pretend to be a fan or follower and wanna beat me up. 

Going more into the industry, do you have any favorite gay male performers or is there anyone you’d like to do a video with?

BJ: So, Snapchat porn is very popular these days. My shit was public. There a few different Snapchat porn stars who are really big. There’s a couple of them that I want to shout out. One of them is named Santiago.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.49.53 PM

Santiago Figueroa 

BJ: Me and him collabed one time, but we didn’t get to collab again. But speaking of porn stars, a few people that I do want to shout out are two guys from Cockyboys. Levi Carter. He’s such a cute motherfucker. And the other guy is Ricky Roman. Yeah, they’re both good looking guys. 

Levi Karter (L) and Ricky Roman (R) from Cockyboys

Everyone does porn. They do it for companies, Raw Dogs, Papi Thugs, and what sets you aside? You’re a good looking guy – I don’t have a body like that. I may have a 10-inch dick and a nice ass, but my shit is real legit because my shit has been out there. And it is what it is. But what sets you aside when you’re doing it for a company? I was able to gain thousands of followers and views by myself. I didn’t need a company behind me, posting these videos…

So you talked about Snapchat a little bit and some of the people you may follow on Snapchat… can you tell me your thoughts on aspiring or amateur porn performers using Snapchat as a platform to promote and share their content?

BJ: If you decide to do amateur porn or your own videos, make sure you show your face, baby. There’s tons of people fucking that don’t show their face, unless I’m seeing the nigga that’s fucking or getting fucked, baby, it don’t do shit for me. If you decide to go that route, just make sure once you post that shit there’s no going back. That video can be taken from one site and posted anywhere. You have to be ready for it, you have to be strong and not give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Where are you making money for your videos now? What’s the most lucrative platform for you? Do you use Connectpal, Paypal, what are some of the sites your fans can follow you and subscribe to your content?

BJ: Well, right now, I don’t have my own website. So, Connectpal is a good resource because it can have a platform for you. You post the content, they take a small share, I take a small share. There’s also a website called, that’s the same thing. So, right now I’m posting my shit to Connectpal. I have a normal 8 to 5, and then I make this money. This money gives me the opportunity to go and travel, to make more videos…

As time goes on, I’m investing in getting better equipment, trying to get better models, sometimes I even pay guys to hook up with me on camera.

My last question for you is what’s in the future for Bruce Jackson, and are you working on any projects right now that we should know about?

BJ: Right now, I’m doing t-shirts. I have the “I’m Sober and They Tryna Fight Me” shirt out right now. I have two or three more coming out soon – every month I’m having a new t-shirt coming out. I gotta figure out how to do it, but I wanna get myself on one of the gay web-series, I wanna do more interviews, I want to do some sort of thing that I can interact with people, they can ask me anything they want to about sex and relationships. And not just have me – each week it’s someone else to be on there with me. 

If you go to you can buy the t-shirts. In the meantime, if you follow me on any social media, any t-shirts I have will be on there.

It’s @itsbrucejackson on all social media, my Snapchat is @NOTbrucejackson. If you hit me up and you want to collab, talk, chat, ask me any questions, I’m definitely down to talk to people!

Thanks for checking out my interview with Bruce Jackson! Be sure to follow On The Agenda for more interviews and gay-related topics!



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